All creative, no Creatives.

EFK foundation was launched as a platform for women to have real conversations about the Endo.

We engage in conversations to raise awareness of the disease through social media creatively.

Creativity is table stakes for everyone. Everyone contributes, everyone has ideas and everyone has a voice.

I am an Endo Warrior.

Endometriosis affects an estimated 1 in 10 women during their reproductive years (i.e. usually between the ages of 15 to 49), which is approximately 176 million women in the world.

I’ve had 3 surgeries to-date since I was 1st diagnosed with #Endometriosis I remember I was 26 years old & it took almost 9 years to discover what was ailing me and give it a name.

‘Killer cramps. Killer Periods. Pain in the womb."
How do you
define endometriosis?

But we’re not done yet. We need you.

Support The Cause

Everything counts. A tiny token gives massive results. 

Spread the Word! Connect with us on social media

Approximately 176 million Women are affected by Endometriosis around the world.

Be The Volunteer

Become part of the long term solution

Join us in the march against Endo. Give your time and make a tangible difference for those in need. Whether it’s 20 minutes or 20 hours, together, we can create sustainable change.

What are you waiting for? Let’s do this!

Our Events

We welcome you to join us in one of our hangout sessions and events that we host regularly, we chill, we talk, we bond and most importantly, we support each other

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