My Endo Journey; June Kathoki

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My Endo Journey; June Kathoki

My Endo Journey; June Kathoki

My Endo story…

My menses began in December 2003 it was irregular. I would have my periods after every two weeks (14days) and would only bleed for two days. While in form two 2005, my menses stopped for 6 months I never got any bleeding, and when the bleeding began is when all my problems began, the pain was like nothing I experienced in my life. My menses became regular but I had pains so much that I missed classes. One teacher confused it with pregnancy and was summoned to answer why I was missing class and vomiting after every 10minutes. I took all kinds of drugs none worked for me I would ask my friends to step on my back to soothe the pain but nothing worked. Herbal medicines never did the trick too.

I grew up knowing this is how it felt and was always told its normal by the estate clinics and the doctors I saw. Some would tell me to start on Femi plan I denied that since they said it’s something normal then why start on contraceptives. Do exercise was another thing I was always told but this too dint really help out. I would black out and find myself in so much pain in the dorms surrounded by my friends. The fainting sprees went on more symptoms arose with each cycle.  I would feel my ovulation and after ovulation those two weeks to my menses I would be in pain I would only rest one week after my menses and the cycle begins again. This went on for years the pain becoming more and more with each coming period. In 2013 I went to the ER with a hemorrhagic cyst it was then discovered that

I showed signs of PCOS but nothing was done then I was just told this would pass and since my menses were regular it was not something to worry about.  So in 2018 April, I went hospital just to find out if my painful menses would come in the way if and when I was ready to conceive. It was then I was told that the signs and symptoms queried Endometriosis and I would have to undergo a laparoscopy to determine if it was the problem. I accepted and was scheduled for surgery on May 5th 2018. My family asked if I could seek a second opinion and so I did. A TVS was done and the PCOS was now confirmed and my left ovary was mostly affected and he advised I go through with the surgery and ask the surgeon carrying out the surgery to do ovarian drilling. I went through with the surgery and upon discharge, I was told it was extensive and that’s why I stayed long in theater and I was found with Endometriosis stage 3 and PCOS.

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