My Endo Journey; Lina Sonia

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My Endo Journey; Lina Sonia

My Endo Journey; Lina Sonia

I have suffered from Endometriosis for more than a decade, since i was 13 years old and i was misdiagnosed even by my mother who was a doctor, until i was 21 years, thorough a endometrial biopsy and was put on medications for years, with no help. I had a ruptured cyst around 2015 and was rushed to hospital, i could not afford surgery so i continued medication.

I got pregnant in 2007 but miscarried.

A Gynecologist in Nigeria informed me that assisted pregnancy will help ( not cure) and i went through painful tests and injections to prepare me for an Artificial Insemination process, that didn’t work because my body reacted so badly to the hormones that i fell so sick and was hospitalized.I have not been able to get pregnant ever since.

I was operated on in May 2018, which was meant to be a laparoscopy but the surgeon found out that there was more damage in my body than he anticipated ( countless Cysts and fibroids, 7 actually) and he was forced to perform a C- section.

I have been on Zoladex (Implant 3.6 mg ​ is a man-made form of a hormone used in men to treat symptoms of prostate cancer, and in women to treat breast cancer or endometriosis​) and the side effects are driving me crazy.

I am still in pain from the effects of having endometriosis because it doesnt just affect my stomach but my whole life.

With all this, I have refused to let it take over my life and i fight everyday to try and live a normal life, because for an Endo warrior , We don’t know what normal is…

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